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Solus UI801G Street LED

Solus UI818C Street LED

What's different about 'Solus'?

Solus separates the two major components of the traditional LED lumainaire and incorporates them into the support structure.

Why separate these components?

To deliver superior:

  • Maintainability
  • Economy
  • Flexibility


Dramatically reduce maintenance burden and improve worker safety

‘Solus’ puts the most reliable components at the pole top and the least reliable at the pole base enabling……………..

  • Significant reduction in ‘Working At Height’ access costs
  • O H & S risk mitigation
  • Circuit protection (RCD & Surge) easily maintained and replaced
  • Less requirement for disruptive lane closures


Enjoy true economical benefits

The design philosophy of the ‘Solus’ system delivers many tangible benefits additional to the major power and carbon savings achieved with LED……….

  • LED light engine substantially smaller and lighter reducing support structure engineering requirements
  • Twin and Multi outreach configurations share common power modules, reducing duplication, subsequently minimising LED capital acquisition costs
  • Common spare parts across entire system range
  • Greater life expectancy resulting from superior thermal management of the separated LED and driver components
  • For new infrastructure, pre-installation and ground based beam aiming minimises erection costs


Can ‘Solus’ be retrofitted to current infrastructure?

Play power module will facilitate installation in any standard round or octagonal light pole. Its associated versatile LED light engine will deliver light output from 1000 to 50000 lumens to meet any requirement.

Non-standard poles are easily accommodated via our innovative customisation design service.

‘Solus’ smart pole philosophy ensures realistic cost effective future proofing flexibility

Unlike other systems, where technological improvement usually requires further access to the pole top, all ‘Solus’ upgrades are performed at ground level

‘Solus’ guarantees cost effective advancement and pace keeping with IOT development

Customers can truly choose to upgrade to LED now, retaining the option for future control systems incorporation without financial penalty


Once In A Generation Opportunity

This opportunity refers to the potential transformation of what was once a passive financial burden into a useful tool and perhaps even a profit centre.

The ‘solus’ concept has been designed to embrace the notion, that it is not merely enough to just change the lights, by economically facilitating a system that will value add. With the ability to easily incorporate developing IOT technology into its architecture ‘Solus’ smart street lighting will have the capability to contribute to such things as Road Safety, Law Enforcement, National Security, and many other important services. Even such things as seismic activity, solar radiation, and atmospheric pollution levels could all be constantly monitored in the not too distant future. The humble street light now has the potential to justify its existence and even pay its own way.

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